It was a great pleasure to welcome the International Symposium for Intracranial Pressure (ICP) and Brain Monitoring to Cape Town in 2022 for the first meeting on the African continent. The ICP and Brain Monitoring conference is a unique meeting of clinicians and scientists driven to unravel the complexity of neurological disease through advanced multimodality brain monitoring, multivariate big data, and neurocritical care. Delegates are multidisciplinary, comprising neurosurgeons, neurologists, neurointensivists, anaesthetists, scientists, engineers, informaticians and mathematicians. Key topics of investigation include neurotrauma, stroke and hydrocephalus, and the meeting in Cape Town offered the opportunity to examine the horizontal application of knowledge to these and other conditions that are important contributors to the continental burden of disease. An important theme behind the ICP 2022 meeting was the application of advanced brain monitoring, neurocritical care and neuro-informatics to Africa.


On the very edge of the African continent beautiful Cape Town offered the perfect venue for the discussion of ideas that boldly reset scientific boundaries in this meeting about “Exploring the Edge!”

Pre-Congress workshops

Pre congress workshop